Cholera, refugee camps and SAS code, oh my.

Anna Fulton, a rising second year epidemiology student and SORT co-logistician is in Thailand with CDC’s Division of Global Migration and Quarantine to assess a recent Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) intervention in a refugee camp as well as clean the dataset containing demographic information on all of the residents of the camp. Her activities will ensure accurate information of the OCV intervention’s cohort population that will be followed for the next three years to assess the effect of the vaccine on cholera outbreaks in the camp.  Here is a bit about her experiences so far:

What has been your favorite day?

The very first day of fieldwork was kind of surreal. It was like all my hard work had culminated to this day – getting to sit on the floor of a bamboo hut in a refugee camp and interview a person about their beliefs towards water, sanitation, and hygiene – what a great experience!

What has been the biggest challenge?

Taking a project designed by Americans and attempting to implement it in an entirely different culture has been a challenge, to say the least. Besides the language barrier, just the simple fact that people in this culture don’t have surnames and usually don’t know their date of birth has posed more problems that you can imagine!

Have you had any fun adventures?

I  spent a week on an island, another weekend exploring historical ruins, and after I finish my project, I’ll travel around for another two weeks to various tourist sites around the country.

What are you most excited about to bring back to Rollins in the fall?

Well, I learned some great new SAS code during the data cleaning process…

Anna working with the CDC at a refugee camp in Thailand

Anna working with the CDC at a refugee camp in Thailand


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